work method

Iconium starts with the well-known marketing principles, where we attempt to give a correct implementation to the needs of the consumer.

The correct interpretation of the needs of the foreign-born population and the creation of the right desires require a specific approach. Therefore there must be created a different marketing mix to obtain value creation.

I conium’s concept is based on the power of the commitment of all the concerned parties, the producer as well as the consumer.
The following steps will take us to this commitment of cooperation!

We are well prepared before we approach our customers. First we screen your product or service in advance. After that we think of some adjustments through which your brand will be accepted by several ethnic groups.

The first (personal) contact with our customer creates a great surplus value concerning product, price, place and promotion.

After the first conversations, we will make a further analysis in consultation with the client. In this analysis we will discuss the market, product and price, so at the end we can set up a proper marketing mix.

As soon as we reach a compromise between the client and Iconium, we will conduct a small-scale but representative market research.
Based on this research, Iconium will prescribe, in consultation with the client, a promotion budget. We will also choose the right channels to reach your target groups.

Once we determined, in consultation with the client, our step-by-step plan, Iconium will give his fully commitment to ROMI.

From time to time, Iconium will check the results and we will adjust our plan to the intended result.