There are many different definitions formulated in order to define marketing. Many companies are still using a sales concept contrary to a marketing concept.

A marketing definition that describes our approach and supports the best, is the definition of Peter Drucker:

“The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know the customer so well that the product or a service fits him and sells itself.
Ideally, marketing should result in a customer who is willing to buy. All that should be needed then is to make the product or service available i.e. logistics rather then salesmanship, and statical distribution rather then promotion.”

Source: Peter Drucker, Management: Task, Responsibilities, PracticesHarper & Row Publishers, New York,1973, pp. 64-65

Iconium has a very specific and targeted way to handle things. Many years of preparation have let to very large connections. Through these connections we can easily reach the influencers and they can spur on target groups to adapt their purchasing behavior.

Iconium perfectly knows the desires and basic needs that need to be satisfied to the various ethnic groups.
The (commercial) communication channels, which we use, are perfectly suited to your target groups. These channels ensure an immediate result of the marketing campaigns.

ROMI guaranteed!

The idea and concept were developed by Gurhan Tasatan and Ary Maes. We work without any prejudice about the values, faith and origin of people.
The idea of connecting people was created many years before the foundation of Iconium. We knew that marketing was the right tool to connect them.
Read our story: Gurhan & Ary…

Iconium has built out a great head start for itself, which results in a unique offer for our clients!
We are familiar with the buying power and the desires of the foreign-born population in Belgium.

Several market researches have given us important information about these populations. Iconium is the only consultancy in Belgium that has access to this information.

The launch of fictitious “proper” products and services have made clear that there was a great desire to purchase these products. By proper”, we mean the products and services that provide satisfaction for the needs of these clients.
A positive approach of a brands quality can provide customer satisfaction and it can lead to a repetitive purchase and a positive worth-of-mouth advertising.

Iconium can develop, very efficient and quickly, a large connection so your company can easily communicate messages.

Iconium decides which marketing mix will be used in (close) consultation with the client and depending on the product or service. We will not lose sight of promotion or marketing communication.

Not all media channels can be used and it is crucial that you adjust this to your budget. Because in the end these two things need to guarantee a maximum ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment).

Iconium uses directed(gerichte) social media, TV and radio channels that are followed by the foreign-born population in Belgium, to communicate your message more effective. We also use digital-casting billboards located at public places, frequently visited by this target group.

We always make a step-by-step plan, in consultation with the client.