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The first and only agency in Belgium concerning cultural consultancy with the goal to achieve integration without harming diversity.

Iconium advises governments and companies about communication, marketing and prospection with several ethnic groups in Belgium. We can support your company to approach this target group more direct and to make well-founded choices for marketing, communication and product development.

Iconium was established on the 10th of October 2014. We are the first and only consultancy in Belgium that focuses on marketing concerning ethnic target groups. Many companies forget that their are more ethnic groups on which they can focus on in their marketing strategy.

The fact that ethnic marketing is not well known can be a reason it is overlooked.

When you don’t adjust your communication and marketing to this target groups, there is a good chance that you don’t reach potential customers. We have the knowledge and skills to support you in this and together we can work out a plan.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them.

The iconium team

ethnic communication

ethnic communication

We know from experience that more than 80 % of the foreign-born population follow the media channels of their own roots. So what is the use to deliver a message…

ethnic marketing

ethnic marketing

Foreign Belgians represent a purchasing power of 11 billion euros. Astute entrepreneurs try to anticipate on their specific needs and wishes. There must be a “different” kind…

ethnic prospection

ethnic prospection

We have a large connection of (informal) leaders and ambassadors inside the ethnic communities. That is why Iconium approaches the community from the inside. By doing so…

we engage people!


Iconium Ethnic marketing wants to connect people from different ethnic origins and to stimulate them to work together. Iconium uses their own connections of ethnic leaders. The positive influence of these leaders, is the foundation to achieve our goals. We won’t affect a person’s identity and personal belief.
Iconium and it’s staff members will work unprejudiced and we will give its fully commitment to this mission and these values.


The acceptance of cultural differences, breaking through prejudices about different ethnic values and the anticipation of others to work together. These things allow us to live together on a planet that continues  gets smaller and  join our forces.
Iconium wants to integrate these values in its policy. We want to engage people to act accordingly.

“Commitment”: the action of engaging or being engaged (Source: translate.google.be)

“We engage people!” (Source: iconium.be)


 some of our clients with engagement


 What our ambassadors say

Engagement is een passie voor Ary… zelden iemand ontmoet die zo geëngageerd is om mensen te engagement te brengen !
Frank Goedertier, Professor in Marketing, Vlerick Business School
Met het Milieu Charter van Voka trekt Ary Maes al jaren de duurzaamheidsgedachte. In 2015 schakelt hij een verzet hoger door in te tekenen op het MVO Charter. Hiervoor zal hij acties realiseren binnen de domeinen People & Profit. Ik denk dat dit geen probleem zal zijn aangezien Ary iemand is die mensen engageert. Zo heeft hij ook actief bijgedragen aan promotie van MVO door mensen te sensibiliseren en te enthousiasmeren.
Mathias Gullentops, Project Manager 'Corporate social responsibility', VOKA Chamber of Commerce Mechelen, Belgium
It is a great opportunity if you can work together or do business with Ary. He is not satisfied with good work, but only with excellent work. And even the best is not enough. Ary is very ambitious and always aiming to improve or to do better. People like him are creating new things and adding value to business.
Bruno Wouters, Retail Development Manager, Mercedes-Benz Belux